Plastic Surgery Disasters: How To Avoid Them

It doesn’t take long, as many have learned, for cosmetic surgery to go horribly, and even unbelievably, wrong The difference in results can be as small as one stitch. In the years since this incredible and life-changing tool was made accessible to millions, there have also been a great number of successes and disasters from around the globe. Although the root cause of these disasters cannot always be attributed to negligence or incompetence by the surgeons, they are certain to play a part to some degree in the normal outcomes.

In this light, it is safe to say that the best way to avoid disasters in transforming God-Gifted features into perfection is to keep your expectations within reasonable limits. People are often so mesmerized by cosmetic surgery’s miraculous results that they think they can take on the persona of any celebrity. Let’s say, for instance, that there are now thousands of girls who would give their lives to have the same body and facial features as the Kardashians. There is only so much plastic surgery can achieve. Under pressure, your plastic surgeon will do everything they can to achieve the best results. The words ‘closest’ and exact have different meanings. Most often, the closest similarity obtained by surgical procedures will look like an act of violence committed on the person’s face. The main purpose of cosmetic surgery is to fix physical “defects” that could have a direct effect on the life and survival of an individual.

Deliberate deviations from the original ‘purpose” can be considered as the root cause of all problems.
The best way to avoid a disaster is by having a realistic expectation. Consider, for example, that instead of trying a photocopy on your own, you can enhance or improve a certain part to give yourself a more attractive appearance. A person with thin lips can choose to enhance their lips to the size and shape that complements his/her appearance, rather than trying to copy paste someone else’s lips. The result will be something like a Doberman-sized snout instead of a parrots’ beak! Plastic surgeons are usually able to predict the results of the procedure they have chosen and let the patients know about them. The decision is left to the plastic surgeons to determine whether the patient will take the leap of faith or follow the advice from the surgeon. Most often, it’s best to follow the advice of surgeons.